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Rental Property Management in the Chicago Metro Area

If  you’re a  rental owner in the Chicago Metro Area, we can work hand in hand with you to help you manage your Chicago Metro Area Investment properties and resolve problems with your rental investments.

Our team of property managers has decades of combined experience working in our local rental market.

So we have what you need to effectively manage your property, locate quality tenants, carry out repairs, and handle the rent collection in a timely manner. We can do all of this and more while delivering  lower operating cost per unit overall.

Fairview Realty Group Ltd review summary


The most helpful Property Management to take care of our properties.

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They had sent a repairman out to replace my furnace as soon as I called. Thank you Maryam.

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Great company! Give them a call for your property management needs! Very professional and nice people. Loved doing business with them. Amazing staff and great service.

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I have 2 properties with them and have had no problems that they haven’t handled. I do recommended them to other property owners.

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Friendly representatives! Professional service is provided by allowing easy access to make payments and maintenance requests online. Service calls are handled quickly and to our satisfaction!

Top Three
Reasons To
Use Fairview
Realty Group

  1. No Minimum Term,  Cancellation Clause, No Termination Fee! 

  2. Fully Licensed and Insured Real Estate corporation

  3. Reconciled accounting every month with on time payments.

Communication and Technology

It is important for renters and property owners to be able to connect with their property manager quickly and easily.

  • 24/7 Live operators for tenants needs

  • Owner and tenant portals that can be accessed anywhere

  • Special client services number for owners to contact operation

Key Features:

  • Unlimited text messaging and emailing    ( single or bulk ) at no added cost.

  • Submit maintenance requests from any device.

  • Easy document sharing through the online portal.

  • Access to built-in forms & payment reminders.

Completely Mobile:

With 24/7 access mobile functionality is one of the top priorities for property managers, renters, and owners. AppFolio’s robust mobile capabilities means you have on-demand access to financial statements. Monthly summaries, year-end tax statements, and important documents from anywhere at any time. It also means you can make and receive payments from your mobile friendly owner portal.

Key Features:

Quickly pull up reports and documents on any device, including:

  • Owner statements

  • Monthly summaries

  • Shared inspection reports

  • Year- end tax statements

  • Work order status updates

Submit payments using covenient online methods:

  • Property managers can quickly, conveniently, and securely pay owners, and vendors via eCheck or Bill pay.

  • Owners can securely and directly send funds for emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves via eCheck or Credit/Debit card.

  • Have instant access to payment history.

Fairview Realty Group Ltd review summary

In House Maintenance and Contracting

Fairview Realty Group is one of the few Chicago metro area property management companies with a fully equipped and staffed repair and maintenance department. 

  • Our facility is located at the Oak Forest, a 6000 SF facility  completed with warehouse and maintenance yard.

  • We can respond to emergencies faster.

  • With no middle man our operation cost and the price you pay is lower.

It’s important to resolve inconvenient and potentially costly maintenance issues fast and effectively . AppFolio’s maintenance management features can assure you that your property is running smoothly and well cared for.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Key Features:

  • Renters can submit maintenance requests directly from their online portals.

  • When signed up with the 24/7 maintenance contact center service, a professionally trained AppFolio agent dispatches pre-approved vendors and logs all activity in your database.

  • You can access all maintenance requests, work orders, vendor information, and accounting directly from your phone.

  • Mobile Inspections help keep your properties rent-ready and in good shape. 

Faster Turnaround on Vacancies

Vacancy can put the property owner  out of business. We deliver lower vacancy cost than any other competitor in our area.

  • In house rent ready crew, - We get the property ready for showing in less than 5 Days

  • In house leasing - We show 100% of our own vacancies and pay commission to other companies when they bring a qualified tenant

  • Municipal Compliance - We comply with all city inspection and licensing requirements from first day of vacancy

Robust Marketing to Attract Modern Renters

Arming property managers with the right tools to efficiently market your properties means filling vacancies faster. AppFolio Property Manager’s stand-out leasing features start with a professional web presence to attract the right renters, and continues on with online guest cards rental applications, and digital lease signing.

Key Features:

  • A professional web presence makes a good first impression and amplifies your brand.

  • Eye-catching vacancy posting are featured on our website, along with hundreds of online rental listing sites.

  • The Leasing Dashboard displays information on available units, soon-to-be available units, guest cards, and rental    application so your team can quickly and accurately track progress toward 100% occupancy.

  • Built-in rent comparison tools align vacancies with comparable rent rates in the same geographic location    to maximize rental revenue.

We specialize in rental marketing

  • We list your unit

  • We show your unit

  • We find qualified tenants

  • We screen each tenant carefully

  • We help you with the paperwork

  • Hassle-free and time saving 

We try to match the landlords’ preferences in tenant income, credit, and references with the pre-screened tenants. The tenant selection is always at the discretion of the landlord.

  • No upfront cost

  • No listing fee, no hidden charges. We get paid only when we produce results.

  • No need to charge application fee. A complete tenant screening is included at no cost to you or the tenant.

  • We take care of all the showings

  • We take care of lease and contracts

  • We carefully screen all tenants.

  • You select the tenant (final decision on tenant selection is yours).

  • Once we rent your property, the commission is one month rent.

Vacant For 30 days or more?

After 30 days of vacancy a landlord is considered a  motivated landlord and the chance of renting to unqualified tenant increases by 300%. If your property is reasonably priced and is in a livable condition, we can produce a highly qualified tenant for your property within 30 days.


You will benefit from our extensive advertising. We advertise each unit separately. This extra exposure for your unit can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to find a qualified tenant.

Professional leasing

We will protect your interest, from advertising your unit to showing your property to administrating the lease signing. We do each task with your protection in mind. Our leasing agents, who will be showing your units, are licensed and understand the concerns most landlords face when having their property shown and leased.

Maximize exposure for your property

Having a property assistant saves you time, money and stress. Plus keeps you “professional” and “in control” of your properties

Rent Collection

We actively pursue rent collection policies. One of the highest property manager responsibility is rent collection. To be profitable property manager must collect 100% of potential rent. Although it seems unrealistic but it is achievable.

  • Regular calls and reminders

  • Collecting through bank drafts and ACH

  • Tenant can pay online

Regular reminders and calls increases rent collection by 80% from past due tenants.

  • We’ll mail rent invoice reminders to each tenant every month.

  • We send rent reminders and late notices after 5th of each month.

  • We make slow pay calls on 7th of each month to avoid “No Pay” evictions.

  • We contact your tenants by phone as needed to avoid the hassles, time, and the cost involved with evictions.

  • We send 5 day notices (Via Track able Mail) on the 11th of each month.

  • We can start the eviction process.

  • We follow-up to make sure the tenant keeps up with payment plan.

  • We process mailed in rents, auto debits or on demand ACH payments daily.

  • Each tenant has their own tenant portal to view their balance and any payments.

  • We provide comprehensive account of all rent collections.

Using our rental recovery service is comparable to having a “Special Team” on your side. Delinquent tenants present special complications to property management. You are not alone, we can help.

Eviction as the last resort

  • Strong attorney resources

  • We manage the process for you 

Cash For Keys (CFK)

  • Over 25 Years experience

  • Ability to recover the property quickly at lower overall cost

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