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Tenant Screening

Order tenant screening services through RentRoster dashboard with a single click and get the results within the same day.

Trusted by +100 customers, we have been in the business for decades and provide you with accurate, trustworthy screening results.

Get Access to RentRoster tenant screening dashboard to order the following online:

  • Credit Report with free over-the-phone analysis ($25)

  • National Criminal background check [Just Housing compliant] ($20)

  • County Criminal background check [Just Housing compliant] ($25)

  • Verification of Residency ($13)

  • Verification of Employment ($13)

  • National Eviction Search ($17)

  • Sex offender report (Free for tenant screening customers)

To request each report, you have the option to:

  1. Upload a paper rental application to your RentRoster owner portal

  2. Fax/email the rental application to us

  3. Send online rental applications to your tenants through RentRoster dashboard (email the link or QR code). Once filled out, the applications will appear on your owner’s dashboard, and you can order tenant screening for them.

(708) 957-3500

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