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Just Housing

The Cook County’s Just Housing Ordinance requires landlords to send some disclosures and notices to prospective tenants while conducting a tenant screening process. RentRoster dashboard streamlines this process to just a few clicks.

All the required disclosures are listed on our RentRoster owner’s portal. You can choose which to send, and the system will automatically send them to your tenants.

At only 99/year, get access to RentRoster Just Housing Compliance tool for all your properties and prospects (there’s no limit on the number of disclosures you send)

  • Lease Qualification Policies

  • Notice of Denial after Pre-Qualification

  • Notice of Right to Dispute Accuracy or Relevance

  • Letter of Acceptance of Application to Rent

  • Letter of Acceptance of Application to Rent Subject to Criminal Background Check

  • Letter of Acceptance of Application to Rent Clear Criminal Background

  • Tenant Adverse Action letter

Just housing Required disclosures that you can send through RentRoster dashboard include:

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